pic: Evolution of a Gearbox: rev 7 exploded

Exploded so you all can see the individual parts better.
working on proper weight and axles for the gears.

is that enough support for the dewalt?

What is your plan for machining the bottom mounting piece. From what I can see it looks kinda complex.

aluminum plates welded together

Did you draw the DeWalt gearbox? or did you download it from somewhere? if so, where?


our CAD team had one already made, i just converted it to solidworks.

That is one pretty design.
How much does it way?

how does your design go into the DeWalt? would you all be making/buying a shaft and a gear to fit inside? how much effort are you expecting on the DeWalt alone?

having 0 hands-on experience with the DeWalt gearbox I am somewhat clueless.

a 3/8 keyed shaft will enter the gearbox and interface with the 2nd planetary via a plate that slides over the carrier plate pins (like this) then that shaft will exit dewalt and be supported by two bearings. the gear attaches to that shaft.