pic: Evolution of the Cows

From Right to Left:
2006 - Aim High - Bessy
2007 - Rack n’ Roll - Daisy
2008 - Overdrive - Daisy II

Coming up in FIRST predominately at the socal regionals, I loved seeing you guys improve year to year.

Everyone, keep an eye on 1538; They just keep getting better.

Agreed, one of my favorite teams as of this year, class act, very nice, and completely awesome.

I completely forgot something too…

that baby in the cow suit, was the cutest thing I’ve seen at a FIRST comp.

i got to work with Daisy in Vegas last year, and saw a little bit of Daisy II in Atlanta this year. Excellent machines from a great team!

That first robot there… is that painted in a cow-moo-flauge pattern?

Please tell me I’m not the first one to ask that?


Actually you’re the first to ask. Secondly, it’s not paint it’s vinyl. We use vinyl on everything from our robots, our controllers and our tool boxes. We have 8 different cow spots. We have sheets of cow spots cut from a large roll of vinyl every year.