pic: EWCP Jumps Into the Swerve


We ride the Swerve Train?

This looks great guys. Are those parts finished or do they still need more work? I’m guessing these are for a test platform?

Thanks, the Side Plates on the bottom of the pic are done, the top plates need one more op. Yes, they are serving as a test platform, all this ruckus about swerves has gotten the EWCP team to make some and send them out to various teams to test.


We can never forget credit to Craig Hickman, Aren Hill, 111, and 1771.

brb, joining EWCP as soon as possible :slight_smile:

kidding. These look great, be sure to tell us how they work out for you guys.

looks great!!

One question though, is that extruded polycarb up top?

Gee, where have I seen this before?

SHHHHhhhhh…quiet you. :smiley:

Craig you need to be on CD more often with new designs so we can steal them. Still with that team in Spokane or no?

Who knows, it’s all up in the air right now. And I mean ALL. School, Army ROTC, everything. We shall see.

And my latest designs that I’ve spent my time working on can’t be posted until a few NDA’s expire.

LOL, team 9001 should join EWCP when they are ready :yikes:;):D. Can’t wait to see the new stuff.

You kids and your fancy swerves.

When will you realize that a good skid steer triumphs over all?

Looks good, I’m glad you’re keeping on the cutting edge. :smiley:

Dustin, you know as well as me that I’ll never make a swerve for competitions. But creating a swerve is a great experience and that cool factor helps more kids learn about drivetrains. They can understand the pros and the cons of making a complex drive system. Also, its a great tool for recruiting. Plus I’ve always wanted to attempt one.:wink:

But I would like to give major props out to all the teams that make a swerve during season. :ahh::smiley:


Dont be bashing swerve too much, we had it in 08 and smoked our fair share of opponents,when you get to a certain point many smaller factors limit whats best.

still dont know when we’ll be doing one again, if we do itll be spiffy

Still considering that 8 wheel crab? :wink:

And honestly, there’s never a possibility teams should rule out from the get-go. Build within your limits and constraints and what you evaluate to be best for the challenge at hand.

If I were to use swerve, it would be 1771’s design.

Aren, has I mentioned, major props to you guys, team 111, and team 1717 (there are others also) for making inspirational SWERVE DRIVES. I’m not bashing on swerves. I think that teams need to practice and teach members first. I guess I’m more conservative in the matter of “SWERVE DRIVE”. Some drives take more time, effort and practice to create a teams personal drive.

Well, offseason has started and we’re developing crazy things. Who knows, maybe 1323 will have a swerve next year. Maybe not… :ahh::wink:


and even after saying that i still vote to not do one during the season :yikes:

No offense RC, but I doubt you will with that design. Unless you made some serious changes to the internals from when I had the design, it won’t work. There’ll be too much torsional flex between the sideplates of the module, which will either shear the screws holding it on or skip the bevel gears, depending on which way you’re driving. We found a workaround to it during the offseason… It involved a lot of plumber’s tape, duct tape, and some janky hacksawed metal bits.

I wish you luck.

This post brings up a question I’ve been wondering.

When you guys decided on a crab to prototype, why did you decide to do this one versus other designs out there. Just curious.

Just to answer both questions, these aren’t our only plates and modules made. We have 3 different types made, I’ll upload a pic soon. To be honest, I have no experience with crab/serve. I have different designs and personally, I have no clue what works and what doesn’t.:confused: I’m just trying different stuff out. So during build, we woudln’t be limited to one design. We finally worked it out between our metal supplier, Valley Iron (which I would like to thanks, donated over 5k of metal since last october), to give us all their scrap and some new stuff if needed.

We currently have a 148 type (looking) setup, a team 221 looking one, and the setup seen above. I’ll post another pic once I get the modules back.:wink: