pic: EWCP Wheel 5"x1"

So heres the 5 inch version.

-.5 lbs
-Only 23 minute run time on CNC mill.


Hoping to have no restriction on wheels next year

Yeah that looks pretty slick right there.
What are your guys plans in the off season.
We’re thinking of doing a bit of prototyping of some new ideas.
If you guys ever need anything just contact us.
We should get together as teams over the summer and discuss ideas at some point too.

I’d question if the outer spokes could handle a side hit if on carpet

At a glance, I’d think so. There’s 9 of them, and roughly speaking there seems to be enough mass in the wheel for its size. Also, the spokes aren’t super long, since the hub diameter is rather large. What’s the thickness on the spokes?

If you really wanted to answer that question with some certainty, it’d be easy enough to run a quick ANSYS or COSMOS simulation on it.

I’m assuming the material is 6061 Aluminum?

I haven’t ran COSMOS on it yet, but I will soon. As for the spokes, they are 1/4 inch thick.

You could probably go thinner if you want to save more weight. Those wheels look pretty nice. I like the simplicity.

The stepped pockets on the spokes are an interesting touch. I would probably remove them from the inner pockets (although those could be structural, I suppose). They’re a nice touch on the outer pockets. I’d be interested in seeing the outer pockets without any steps for comparison.

I still like my red rendering better :wink:

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Suggestion for CNC speed improvement: The inner pockets between the bolt holes could be moved out and included into the profile (making the center hub shaped sort of like a Dog from a shifter) of the Hub, which would cut down on cutting time. It takes more time to pull out of a cut, move over to somewhere, and plunge a new hole then it does to simply keep cutting across with a slightly longer cut line.

Just food for thought.

See if you can make them look like these wheels

They might be worth money one day :slight_smile:

Mr. Forbes I absolutely love funny cars.
That actually would be a cool thing to do with enough time and proper machines. Maybe a small diameter 4" wide wheel is in order. :wink: