pic: Example Vision Output


1706 is getting read for their big vision code release. This aspect of the program tracks the short side of the yellow tote.

Ratio is simply the height / width, isn’t really used in this program, but is used in other programs that use the same class YellowTote (pic: A little programming excercise - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi)

X Rotation is the amount of degrees the camera (robot) needs to turn to make the red circlle, which is the center of the yellow tote, the center of the image.

Stacked is simply how many totes high the stack is

Offset is the degrees between the blue circle and the red circle. When offset is zero, you are perpendicular to the short side. Offset is 90 degrees if no first logo is seen, aka looking at the long side. It is positive when you look down the right side, negative when you look at the left side.

The students are making a video describing this code, the IR code, and our depth program tomorrow at robotics. Expect a code release very soon.