pic: Excellently Engineered canburglar

I guess you’re recycling there :slight_smile:

Ha. Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

Our trophy broke on the ride home.

Did your celebration exceed design specs?
If not, check the freshness date.
If it was it a manufacturing fault, send FIRST the serial number on the bottom.
Can you post a copy of the source code?

We had the same issue. We got out to get something to drink and use the bathroom, our lead programmer knocks it over and breaks it. Let’s just say he wasn’t allowed to touch the award we won at the next regional.

I’m a gymnast and our team won a large meet once where the awards were large sworski crystals. One of my teammates dropped it and a $300+ dollar trophy was everywhere. I did hot glue it back together but it wasn’t the same.

Haha our trophy broke on the walk back into the stands. Nothing a little hot glue couldn’t fix.