pic: Expandle chassis and wheels

Expandable chassis, with moveable mast.

But…but why?

A way for us to play with our center of gravity and adjust it based on how many totes we’re holding, and allow us to accurately and precisely place totes.

That looks really cool. Are you guys going to have a reveal video out?

Never got around to making a reveal video, because of our Bohemian Rhapsody video, but we’ll post some of our driver practice video later this week!

looking forward to seeing it in action at OKC!

(And the Bohemian Rhapsody live!)

It looks really cool but, Was it really worth it?

Every year our team has a different strategy. In past years, like 2013, we climbed to the top of the pyramid and were able to place the colored frisbees in there, which was a substantial challenge we were able to accomplish with unique ideas from my fellow students and I completed by using a rack and pinion system. Then the idea to make the climb autonomous was brought up by a student, so we accomplished it.

This year we wanted to be able to change our robot’s dimensions, shift its CG, utilize a fast and strong mechanum drive, and make a competitive tote and RC stacking robot. We believe we’ve accomplished those student goals with our current robot, and our student designed, and constructed mechanisms. Which we believe is the point of FRC.