pic: Experimenting with a robotic arm

During this Saturday our Entire team met and continued to design our robot. For inspirational purposes, we brought a robotic arm that was lying deep down our workshop, and turned out to be a really good source of inspiration…

Due to the perspective of the photo the arm seems to be holding to tube, but it is actually 5 feet away from it. The tube is hanging on a model of the rack that we built in order to get a real perspective of the rack.



thats the same robotic arm from the intro to bill nye the sicience guy (it’s the one holding the light bulb)

Is that by any chance a “Scorebot II” ?

Neat. We also have one of those. We just decided to forego messing around with it because it’s pretty much broken.

It’s an Esched Robotec (intelitek) ER-III. The ER-II is smaller and Red or Purple.