pic: Exploding Bacon lego version

I made LEGO models of some of my favorite FRC robots this year. This one is modeled after this robot: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/924/9246937b629206d729b1b8329275930f_m.jpg

Thats very awesome, the arm looks great as well, good job =D

When Dan first explained to me their four bar linkage, I decided to make one out of legos so I could have a visual…Its floating somewhere around his house ::glares at Dan::

Yours looks significantly nicer than mine did, has a drivetrain, and is color coded.

that’s preety freakin sweet man.

Thats really cool, this could be a really cool give away at some regionals.

On behalf of Team 1902, I can say that officially gets the “Oink! Oink!” of approval. :slight_smile: Very cool stuff, it looks great!

I play those lego’s every day or did until my room mates saw them lol. I practiced our idea for a more ridiculous linkage but the one you had made really helped the students get a grasp for a kinematic linkage.

Back on track this is pretty cool lego model. I like the fact that you matched the colors lol made it all the better.

That looks really nice, good job!

i have to say, thats pretty sweet man!

The exploding bacon is my desktop background!!! Sweet!!!

I made a lego model of several prototype arms for our bot. They were ALL to scale and even had a mini-rack in front of them.

Unfortunately, the other engineers didn’t like the fact I was using legos instead of CAD to show such ideas…but I have no idea how to use CAD atm. :confused:

For one they were wrong for dismissing your ideas because they were legos…

but CAD isnt that hard to use…i’d suggest starting to play around with it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick stuff up

Now put an RCX in it and make it move … autonomously!