pic: Exploding Bacon's W-Ham-O Users Manual

The full owners manual for our 2013 robot W-Ham-O can be found here: http://www.explodingbacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/OwnersManualRev3-1.pdf

We wanted a way to effectively describe the functions of our robot to judges sponsors and supporters so this year we decided to create a Robot Users Manual. It includes all the technical specifications of the robot as well as a detailed description of our design process for the robot as a whole and for each design component.
It also includes safety instructions, some pictures from the season and a 1 year warranty.

A small group of our students have been working on this all season and have been constantly revising and updating it.

Very well put together with a lot good information hopefully it catches some of the judges eyes

Does this imply that I too can purchase my very own W-Ham-O somewhere? Perhaps rent for a match while I’m watching Champs? :rolleyes:

It’s things like these that are why I can only use one phrase to describe my feelings towards Exploding Bacon: team crush

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