pic: Exploding Minotaurs?!?!

Nice 4-bar :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the colors.

It seems like a pretty consistent gripper, and we all know that the four bar design works. Division by Chicken anyone?

All in all, nice bot.

nice bot:)

one practice and one comp bot, or a set of twins??

Judging by the title “exploding minotaurs” I suspect 1902 (Exploding Bacon) teamed up with 1369 (The Minotaurs) to form a Floridian collaboration.

is it???:rolleyes: :confused: :cool:

It’s got big pointy teeth.

Not many teams choose such bright colors for their robots. I bet it makes spotting the arm on the far side of the rack a lot easier for the drivers.

Looks very nice. This is probably the first collaboration that was done in Florida. Can’t wait to see these two monsters in person.

… Wendy, remember when I told you last week that you guys will be fine and done before the ship date?

Arefin, can you remind her of that? She’s still kinda frekin out!!!:ahh:

I wish…the “disney alliance” lays claim to those honors all the way back in 2002 before there were rules about collaborations…


breathe breathe Wendy Wendy
breathe breathe Wendy Wendy

not quite OOB but it’ll doo
breathe breathe Wendy Wendy…

nice 'bots guys!


Nice Clones!
(They are awesome looking)

Now, if you can clones the drivers too…

That is really cool. Looks very sturdy and ready to have plastic pool tubes thrown at it. Nice job.


Just not the coaches, please…one George Wallace is all the world needs!:stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to see Minotaur at Palmetto, and hopefully 1902 in Atlanta (grumble grumble spring break not the week of UCF grumble grumble).

you guys have to admit the green and orange looks much better :yikes:

thanks for all the comments guys, can’t wait to get to the competitions

Crazy. Probably the first six foot bot I’ve seen, at least I’m assuming it is 6 feet, looks big. How close does it come on the 72 inch rule? Besides that, looks good guys. good luck.

thats pretty nice… how high can those things reach?

pretty high

Heh actually its only 5 ft. We went for the 5 ft. 110 class for an easy arm. The arm at full extension including the gripper does not exceed the 72"x72" box that you are allowed in.

I think the max is something around, ~103" to the bottom of the gripper. So it has the height needed.

Hopefully soon we’ll get some good close ups of the mechanisms and some videos of it completed and running around.

The only things really not seen in this pic are our ramps and our sensor packages for autonomous, and autonomous assisted drive.