pic: Exploding Score

Normally I upload photos of Dan whenever something is destroyed, in this case, the UCF Football Team. 3-0 vs. UCF, the latest being the 64-12 drubbing (you 1902ers listening? :P). Kudos to Dan-o for being a good sport!!

haha, I guess it sucks to be us, and decide to have the #5 Team in the country make a statement out of you.

Still an opportunity of a lifetime to be down on the field and watch the game from a different perspective, it was a ton of fun.

IT was ugly…glad I had to clean my house instead of going to the game

Oh Yeah? Well we are still the National Champions in the only sport that actually matters…

Sigh. Mad props to USF, they are soundly now at least the 5th best team. The road ahead looks pretty rough, though.

10/18 at Rutgers 7:30 PM
10/27 at UConn TBD
11/03 Cincinnati TBD
11/10 at Syracuse TBD
11/17 Louisville TBD
11/24 at Pittsburgh TBD

I believe USF Decided today the do not wish to continue the series of playing UCF anymore. Oh well, Onward! Beat Tulsa!

I would absolutely love to see Oklahoma play USF for the National Championship. Its not that unrealistic.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA NICE! :slight_smile: (I love the guy on the rights facial expression! Classic!)