pic: Extreme Harry Potter Reading

This guy was reading Harry Potter while driving down the freeway. Is Harry Potter worth your life?

Realizing that this photo is relavent to the various Harry Potter posts - the behavior is in no way condoned. Please, don’t be this dumb.

Agreed, this is just plain stupid. Wait for the audio book.

Since I travel the roads often, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people do things like this and lose control of their car. Unfortunately for them, they end up in a tree before they can even realize the car is not on the road. The main reason people have accidents, even minor ones is because they are not giving their full attention to the road.

Let someone else drive while you read.

On the other hand, what a wimp! The book’s been out what, almost 68 hours now? And he didn’t finish it yet? (I read it extra slow, and it didn’t last 24 hours.)


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    At the beginning of 2nd semester this spring, my daughter’s best friend totaled her car because she was using her cell phone. She was not hurt nor were the people in the collision hurt. Remarkably.

When spring break came, the friend wanted to come for a visit with me and I told her that if she wanted to visit with me, she was going to have to hear what I thought about her carelessness, recklessness, and disregard for others. She listened.

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On my road trip to Charleston, IL a few weeks ago, I couldn’t tell you how many people I saw not focusing their full attention on driving - whether it be reading, writing, talking on a cell phone, or doing some other activity while trying to drive.

LA is beginning to crack down on this finally after major accidents caused by cellphone use while driving.
Besides that, for drivers in the city of LA, carpool fines are now $1 for the first offense, then each one after that increases 1k. You can’t cross over solid dividers, and now the speed tolerence, instead of being ±5 mph, is just ±3 mph, so there is a smaller window.

Some of you guys probably already knew this, or don’t need to hear, but for others and the guy driving, wherever he may be.:stuck_out_tongue:

short answer: yes

harry potter is THAT important.

the above only works if said car isn’t moving.

I wonder if that man would of crash, could he sue j.k rowling. That would be a fight to see in court.


The main reason people have accidents, even minor ones is because they are not giving their full attention to the road.

[RANT]Several years ago we had the Wing Ding (Goldwing rally) in Fort Wayne, IN. One night, several riders went out for dinner. The traffic light turned red and all but the last rider made it through. The last one did not want to run a red light (he should have). A 16 year old girl hit him at 45 mph. She was adjusting the volume on her cell phone. He was killed instantly. Students don’t take this personnally but I think that if you are that young you should not have ANY distactions in the car. Be it a cell phone or friends. You have just learned to drive and are still nervous driving.[RANT]
When I’m on my motorcycle I get very nervous when I see someone on the phone and is behind me. I now have to divide my attention between the drivers ahead of me and the one on the cell phone behind me.

In Virginia we just got a whole set of new laws on July 1st that affect people under 18. The laws include punishment for talking on your cell phone and increased fines for DUI and reckless driving.

My brother got hit on his bike by a lady on a cell phone who was distracted… I’ve learned that when a biker keeps looking at you, it’s not because he is trying to scare you, it’s because you’re scaring him…

…Which is why states like Connecticut have banned using cell phones while driving. Now, one must either use a hands-free headset or pull over to the side of the road to talk on their cell phone here. Lately, the police have really started to crack down on enforcement of this law.

Since the Mythbusters have shown that talking on one’s cell phone is just as bad as being legally drunk when it comes to controlling a car, I’d expect that more states around the country would continue to enact similar laws.

Surely you can’t get a ticket for going -5 MPH relative to the limit?

I do like the carpool lane fines: $1 for the first, $1000 for the second, $2k 3rd - you think you’d learn the first time…


$1 for the first? Here in CA my dad just got a $280ish fine for his first one.

My dad almost got a ticket for going 56 mph in a 55 mph zone. This was in Ohio. Thats ridiculous. He talked his way out of it.
I think they give you 3-5 mph over to allow for tolerance. The tolerance for your speedometer is 2-3%. The radar gun also has a tolerance but I don’t know what it is.
I like the quote from Cannonball Run. “No state has the death penalty for speeding. However we are not to sure about Ohio.”

Heh. I got bawled out by a traffic cop taking Libby, Julia, Morgan and Joey to the airport on Sunday. Man. that guy was really in a foul mood! He said I ran a red light but none of us saw it. I wasn’t given a ticket and I got them to the airport on time so it’s not so bad leaving with my tail between my legs.

Generally accepted is 2% maximum, but most are kept within the display tolerance (+/- 1 MPH)

I was just commenting on the post by Jeff K; I live in NJ and haven’t been to CA since 2001.

It’s well worth a few minutes of humble pie and groveling to avoid a ticket. Officers have bad days, too, just let them vent, look very remorseful, and maybe they’ll feel remorse (and eschew the ticket!)


ya i got hit by a van when i was on my skateboard in a cross walk when i had the right of way, but the driver was on his cell phone… and reading would be even WORSE… You might think Harry Potter is worth your life, but most people care a little more about their lives… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: