pic: F4 CAD Release: 16 BLDC 2+4

Some of you may remember my previous 8 BLDC gearboxes. Well, now they are integrated into a revolutionary 2+4 drive train. This drive train (as all 2+4s do) features two traction wheels and four omni wheels. The truly revolutionary part of this drive train (aside from the gearboxes, of course,) is that there is no belt connecting between the gearbox and the omnis. After all, as we all know, omnis have negligible traction, so it’s actually detrimental for them to be powered. This also lets there be more space in between the gearboxes, since no pulleys have to fit in the drive.

I hope everyone will come to use this truly innovative drive train in the upcoming years. The future is now.

GrabCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/16-bldc-2-4-drive-1

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“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

-Ian (1993)

What’s funny to me is that you can get a brushless motor the size of a CIM that can easily output 1kw of power (baring some heat issues) and is more efficient.

I would hope with the direction FIRST is taking in a few years that is what we will see in the KOP.

This motor weighs ~1.5 lbs and produces 12,000 watts of power…

(Admitedly it can only do it for 2s at 70v, but still!)

Best $1600 you can spend in FRC.

BLDC = Because Life Demands Change

$330 price tag?!!! I’ll stick with my $20 775 pros :stuck_out_tongue:

New kitbot confirmed?