pic: F4 CADathon: Team 25 - Collapsed

This robot took second place in the 2017 summer F4 CADathon. Full Autodesk Inventor 2017 CAD can be viewed here: https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gckgeq6poLPYusBhrfJedpNYCosFM80gpgc_LY92QOamWQ#/space/gcoLB0i3UPEa3SGq0tY1AJdKPUJe_TA1TCdYHEawXwy8Tj

The robot mainly functions with the front elevator that extends at the beginning of the match using a pneumatic cylinder. The elevator uses a continuous belt loop and the standard igus slides rather than a more complex bearing setup. The top acts like a marble run (like we began calling it) with hooks that release and attach using a translational cam. The intake has a really nice packaging for the drive motors using the AndyMark WormBox repackaged in a 3D printed housing. The drive setup is a standard 2+2 drive that has a strafe wheel on the colson side which means the robot can strafe at times, simply using a VersaDrop, which was inspired by this prototype by Spectrum.