pic: F4 CADathon Team 8 CAD Reveal: Shadow the Hedgehog

This is the fruit of the labor of myself, Colin Sherman, and Natenael Kelkay.

Despite being initially designed to have a 16 BLDC dynamo drive, we decided that the judges would not be so open to the inevitable change towards the superior motor, so we stuck with a 6 CIM drive. Sorry to disappoint.

Anyways, Shadow the Hedgehog, which placed second, is a robot designed to run fuel and smokestacks from the loading station, able to knock down and collect fuel in the mines.

Congratulations to team 25 (ranked third) and team 6 (ranked first), along with all the other teams that put forth their best efforts to CAD a submission for this CADathon. Even just completing such a huge project in such a short time period is an achievement to be proud of, no matter how it ranked.

Most of all, we would like to thank F4 for organizing yet another great CADathon and the judges for putting in the immense effort needed to evaluate all 46 of the submitted robots in under two days. We may have made the robots, but the judges are the ones who went on a real CADathon.

Another shoutout goes to Ozzyboards for sponsoring this event.

For those interested, our CAD and renders can be found on GrabCAD.