pic: Falcons Conquer Mtn

Claiming the mtn as ours.

Is that the Camelback in Tempe? I have climbed that a few times. Great view.

That would be an amazing team building experience.

I would watch from the base and wave at you guys at the top, hellooooo up there! :slight_smile:

That is great, guys.

Looks like a fun climb!

Nice Iwo Jima pose :rolleyes:

And don’t let them fool you, there’s a road 5 feet behind the cameraman (** J/K – I have no idea if there is or not **)

I like it. What was the elevation change over the whole hike? From the other picture it looks like pretty steep going.

approximately 1,200 feet


As for the “Sher Cliff Free Climb” Here it is -



I’d like to know too. My family climbed about halfway up when we visited over spring break. You do get some great views from up there.