pic: Fall Classic 2011 Winning Alliance

It was a fun event!

Congrats to 399 for leading an alliance in some close finals matches.

Emperor Swerve was a great looking robot, too bad you guys encountered the technical difficulties that you did.

Congrats on your win! It was a very fun set of finals matches! Your alliance was downright terrifying :slight_smile:

Good luck at MadTown! I see great things in store for you guys in 2012!

I saw some horrific technical difficulties on many teams that day. Parts breaking all over the place.
Most teams got their 'bots up and running again in record time. Very impressed.

Technical difficulties, we spoke to soon about not having any and were hammered the final matches xD
Good job to all the teams. :slight_smile:


I think we’re looking a brother, an older brother, and one that just happens to look really similar.

  • Sunny G.

Lol, you should have seen our pit(s). 973(comp), 4973(practice), 3973(Emperor), and then 1323(973’s 2011 sister team) right next to us. Thats 4 robots using the same claw. We could see 5 in Madtown with 1323’s practice bot.