pic: Fall Classic Winning Alliance

The winning alliance from the 2008 Fall Classic as they appeared right before the last finals match (Not pictured is 980). They fought hard and deserved the win, and we had a good time playing with them. Congratulations!

Looks like a great alliance…
at least something I would be wary to go against :eek:
Congratulation on the win

Congratulations, guys!!!

Wowza, that is a scary alliance right there. I wouldn’t want to have to face them (actually I would, it would be a challenge.)

Boy were they tough, even with different drivers! Congrats to 330(a), 968, 980, and 1160 for the win, we sure had a blast :slight_smile:

That first match was exhilarating, mostly because they swapped the winning hand twice :wink:

Does anyone have videos and I congrats, I wished I got a chance to play against 968 in San Diego.

I just captured a bunch of video off my camera, and hopefully Kevin will put it on the NERDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://www.youtube.com/user/frc1726) soon, or if he puts it somewhere he’ll tell us.

nice alliance! good job!..wish we could have made it out!!

Congratulations 330,968,980,1160 on a fine victory!!! When THE BEACH BOTS and RAWC get together big things happen. Like in 2007 at IRI, the SIX KEEPER MATCH! Thanks for picking us ,so we could be a part of that. For sure my two favorite west coast teams!!!