pic: Fall Cleaning

How many different game pieces can you see in this picture?

Poof Balls
A kickball
Stack attack bins

That’s 5.

But if you count 2009 game pieces, I see 8…

those can’t be stack attack bins in the 25 shop … 25 broke every one they came in contact with :wink:

OH, I see what you did there :slight_smile:

But CLEANING? Whats that? Is that the thing we always say we are going to do and then never get around to?


and yes- they DO fit under the bar

well, when proper force is applied, they wedge under the bar quite nicely :wink:

The kickball looks like a 2001-type one. That angle in the background looks like it could be from an autoloader (2005); the lower bin has what appears to be a wheel. So enough of those bins survived to be used as storage, eh?

(BTW, the years shown are 1999, 2007, 2006, 2001 or before, 2003.)

Personally, I think that kickball bears a striking resemblance to the 04 10-point ball.

Could be. I think the main difference was the valve type/maker/shape they became…

the yellow ball is from 2000

I believe I see tetra tubes under the CPU in the background.

I also cannot believe those are bins from '03. I swear I remember bins breaking just because they knew the 25 robot was in the building.