pic: Fallbot prototype


This was the result of 2am boredom. It does relativly well on carpet or saoft sufaces. Not so good on hard surfaces.

Sweet bot amos. I hope you are ready for the competition. Will you be doing the vex and FRC at ruckus?

have fun and see ya in a few weeks.


Looks familiar :slight_smile:

amos ur so crazy vexing at 2 am…only u amos…only u…well maybe alex 2 but…only u amos…and maybe alex

i try to keep my vexing to no more then 1am, so it is amos, only amos. Unless it is Sunday-Sat. then i do also go to 2am-ish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! Me too! I’ve been up to 3AM sometimes because I can’t put it down or I’ll forget what I’m trying to build. Heh… I don’t write much down.