pic: Fan Club!!

After Buckeye we wanted to join the fan club so between Buckeye and Purdue and add the smallest fan we had and some signs for SAFETY!!!


Haha. Nice fan.

The words “We need more power!” come to mind.

Just wait until your drivers say that it had a affect on driving. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope you put a Victor on that. I would hate to see your robot blow away. :o

Looks like you’re all ready to win the AndyMark Robot Drag Race though. :]


//in best Scotty accent
But Captain Ive giving her all shes got! If I push’er any harder shes gonna blow!!

Mad “props” from 1745, we love it.

we had a 5 volt fan but we didnt wanna mess with making a custom circuit so we did something fast and easy

groans turbo (prop) puns…

There should really be something along the lines of the Golden Raspberry Awards for FIRST. We’re GP, so it wouldn’t be for the worst robot, but perhaps for the most ridiculous robot feature or something of the sort. Anyone know if a team already does this at CMPs?

Lol…I can see how that helps with the awesomeness factor of your robot.