pic: Fantasic Alumni Team 38

From Brunswick Eruption, Students from Team 38 were supposed to come and participate, but it fell through, but Ashley from 38 and Pat alum of 121 brought the robot anyway. So, left to right, Conor Ryan, 1403, only non alum, helped in various robot repairing activities, Ashley alum, team 38, only actual member of 38 there that day, arm driver and head pit chick, Me, alum team 173, coach and pit, Pat alum team 121 base driver and pit, Jake alum 134 HP and pit. We pulled it together that day, and ended up seeded 3rd, it was a great day. Thanks to everyone that helped us, as we had almost nothing with us. Special thanks to teams 222 and 145 for making great elims partners. It was fun to have a final hurrah at such a great event.