pic: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

This thing was crazy fast, i loved watching you guys in the elims with 108, how fast exactly does it go?

We’ll be seeing you at SBPLI :smiley:
Can’t wait to see it in person

wow! I’m impressed.
looks very interesting. I’m very curious how it works. What are the dimensions of it? What does the arm do? Do i see a plunger?:ahh:

Oh, it was crazy to watch it go flying around the track. I think their record (that I remember) was 9 laps, which is INSANE! It was a crazy-fast drivetrain…and on that, how did it work?

P.S. I spy our banner! (top left corner) I could’ve said that I spied Big Mike, but he’s so big, he’s impossible to miss.

Yay for “Plungy!!!” :smiley:

Our scouts also called it “Speedy” We were so sad when it tilted and hit the wall that one match. Commendable performance by your drivers I might add.

I believe 1024 did 10 laps at midwest and they we’re THAT fast. I guess sometimes its not all about speed, but the congestion. I’m sure if its a quick bot it could have done more then 9 with less traffic.

According to one of their mentors, they were moving at 23 fps.

It was a pretty fast robot. I looks like it would hurt if it hit you at full speed. But lets not forgot that awesome blue and orange bot in the back.

not to brag but in one of the practice matches (the one run like a reg match) we did 17 laps :slight_smile:

It is 18" by 16"
It is geared for 30fps but goes 27fps (can’t go straight all the time haha).
Yes that is a plunger on top… it is for autonomous mode… that we are still trying to work. Our current auto. just drives around the track (still kinks to work out there)
It is a 1 speed 4 wheel mechanum wheel drive.
I personally love Team 11 (MORT)'s nicknames, Plungy and Speedy, for the lil guy. A member from Team 87 wanted to take him home cause he was “cute” lol.
And we cannot wait to get to Long Island… hopefully we will have all the kinks worked out and put on another great showing :smiley:

Keep your eye on Orion… if you can :wink: hahaha