pic: Favorite Moment of the Boston Regional!

What an absolutely amazing weekend, but my favorite moment was watching our junior student leader Crystal Vongnaphone win the Dean’s List award. 1511 simply erupted the second they heard her name. I was in tears I was so proud of her!

That was an awesome moment and Crystal was truly deserving of the honor.

This award has been a great addition to FIRST - I believe its addition has really inspired some students to help get their team’s student leaders recognized. Also, it is a great motivator for the recipients of the award, inspiring their love for science and engineering even more than FIRST already does. Finally, I have seen many parents, mentors, and coaches over-joyed at the wide-spread recognition the winners have been receiving, and in a way, the award recognizes the adult leader’s hard work as well.

I do not know Crystal personally, but I have long been impressed by 1511, and as student leader of a great team, I’m sure she is well deserving of this honor!

Gosh I love this photo.