pic: Fergie


Our offseason “Freyja 2.0” robot for Capitol City Classic and CalGames. Still has the 3CIM Ballshifters and transmission, with 6-inch wheels and crazy fast. The only difference from Freyja, our competition robot?? We used a catapult instead of a ballistae. Works just as effectively, and sometimes better.

Looks pretty cool. Care to share anymore details? What kind of wheels?

This image is so grainy that it has more carbs than Maize Craze. Do you have any higher def ones?

I didn’t know they still made cameras that take 200 x 150 pixel pictures. :rolleyes:

You gotta know what settings to use.
I’ve used this trick to shortcut creating a logo before.

Love the look of the robot, even with the high grain content.

I love this robot, and the picture of it is even the right size for me to put on my calculator! Perfect! :rolleyes:



Also, my hover “zoom” extension makes the picture smaller…

Does someone have the ti-84 silver edition?

I do!

We will add a better picture as soon as I or Omena can.

I’m not entirely sure where the name “Fergie” came up during the build process, but I do know that it sounds a little similar to “Freyja.” Our team uses “Fergie” instead of having to say “Freyja 2.0”