pic: Ferrari Race Car

Our Robot this year, complete with red and blue under glow for different alliances. Ackerman steering and a top speed of 22 fps. Please feel free to comment upon it.

That looks awesome… video please?

I wondered at St Louis but I forgot to ask. Do you have a switch to go from red to blue or do you read from the color port on the rc.

Id assume a switch but you never know

A top speed of 22 fps?! That sounds really fast. How is that to handle? Nice job, guys. It looks great!

Looks more like a Mustang or Camero. Very cool.

Easily the coolest looking bot at St. Louis. The members of 1098 should be proud to know they had the most clever design i have ever seen. I can honestly say that i have never thought i would see anyone continue playing a match after one of their wheels fell off, but 1098 did it on practice day. Definitely one of my favorite robots in all of the time i have watched FIRST competitions.

It was fun to watch this speedy little robot in St. Louis.

1098 will be one of only three out-of-state teams at Oklahoma City, two weeks from now. I know you’ll represent St. Louis well. Just keep the wheels on the track, and the pedal to the metal. :smiley:

[Thanks for the ducks!]

the wheel didn’t fall off due to loose bolts, or poor fabrication. it was slammed in the side by another bot, and since only washers hold the bearings on IFI wheels in, once there were bent it was free to fall off at the most convenient time.

thanks, check this site, all the St. Louis matches are there.

its hard to tell the speed in these videos seeing as i was trying to keep it under control, and avoid others, but it really can go much faster.


once we get the bot back, were going to make a team bot video, i’ll post as soon as its done.

actually, theres two cables from the LED strips, and one open plug at the breaker, before the match we just swap to the color. we took the low tech route.

such a cool robot and pit too! i loved seeing it at STL. really great job by the driver.

That so reminds me of the original Cliffjumper from the Transformers cartoons (the REAL cartoon from the 80’s). Neat-o.

I’m surprised they didn’t make you cut out your hood for RC LED viewing and fast main breaker access, though.

what’s the body shell made out of?

From watching the vids I have to say that was a commendable job by your driver. I was 1405’s driver this year and we had steering with 14 fps and it was extremely difficult to control around the turns, especially in the blind spots.

I can’t wait to play against/with your team at OKC!
Best of luck to you.

since only washers hold the bearings on IFI wheels in, once there were bent it was free to fall off at the most convenient time

we built a practice robot last year that used the same wheels, and though we did not have that problem, we didn’t like that setup either. Our solution was to insert the bearings in the opposite direction (with the bearing flange inside the body of the wheel) and put spacers between the bearings - this way the bearings can’t come out of their hole in the wheel because each one holds the other in place via the spacer(s).

Old Way:


Try This: (shaded (x) area is the spacer)


Take one look at your robot and say, WTF? Thats noty a robot.
I thout it was a jokethe first time i saw it, but now ithink its a great idea.
I like the idea of the underglow “neons” (LEDS) andthe Ferari body. Personally, i would have gone with a Mustang, but thats me.
Did youbuild your chasis, ordid you buy a hobby kit? and what about the body(exteriorshell) kindalooks like cardboard…
Last, how much dose it weigh, how big is it(overall dimensions), and can it push a trackball?
Looks like it can. Dont belive me. OK
See that car next to my user name?That is a 18th scale hobby car. It almost fits from your tip fingers to the botom of your palm. With absolutly no assistance,it was esially able to push the ball(even with a slight leverage disadvantage.)The motor wasbuilt for speed, so thewheels were spiining, butthe ballwas moving.
I like the idea. Mabye if they do another season like this in the future… :smiley:

yes, its a robot with sensors and auto mode, 5 lines

we push balls very well, and if the ball is standing still and we hit it, it will kick up over the over pass

our bot is verytough , no junk kit bot. if we used that it would have folded in half with some of our softer hits. we hit a concrete light pole base in the school parking lots at 22+fps, no damage sustained. I designed the entire chassis and robot systems, with some of the less important parts more or less “designed on the fly”

36" x 22" 85 lbs with battery and bumpers, we chose an expensive car, i drive a red mustang, its okay, not as great as ferrari

the body is not cardboard, please at least try in a guess, its Aluminum sheet, folded up

i dont like rc18’s, it looks like thats what you have, pan cars are much faster.

My team says that this was the awesomest robot there. We were cheering for you. Go Speed Racer!!!

Props to 1098 at Oklahoma. You guys did great, it’s too bad you lost out in the semi’s, but that’s a great achievement in itself. I hope to see y’all in St. Louis next year!