pic: Field Control Console


This is the console that controls all electrical field components. If your running a mini regional good luck figuring it out!
No worries FIRST did all the modifications to the software through the net the 2 days before PARC!
Good thing Eric at FIRST can modify TacOps (scoring software) from NH!

Let me know if you need help and I can try and send some your way…

Once they were able to debug the software issues, I must say… I do really enjoy the computer system this year. Plus the fact that if something goes wrong with the primary system… you just move your cables over to the backup and flip a few switches and you’re good to go on the backup system. Yea, it is kind’ve a little crazy with wiring with all the sensors and the ball releases and such this year, but it isn’t too bad actually :slight_smile:

I can’t believe they let you touch that! I would love to get my hands on stuff like that!