pic: Filled up and ready to go

After loading 5 tetras from the human loader, team 279's robot UNITY gets ready to go out and cap those tetras.

You guys have to have the most unique (not to mention effective) capping system this year… I simply love it… almost as much as that bot in the background :rolleyes:

Yeah, that hot bot is a pretty sweet machine. I went through all of great lakes wondering how that arm of yours was so smooth. Took me almost to the end of Buckeye before I was able to see the little mini hot arm. Great controls and great manueverability that thing had.

My biggest complaint about that design is how long it takes to load. Think how awsome you guys could have been if your hp could have carried all 5 or 6 tetras out at once…Well, not saying your bot wasnet awsome…eh you get what im saying! :smiley:

It actually takes less time when you compare it to other robots, and thats why it is designed that way. It only seems longer because it is all grouped together. What happens with most robots that only carry one is they load up one, go to the goal, go back to the loader, repeat. With ours we get all the loading done at one time(or split up depending on the strategy) so we can load up, go to a goal, go to a goal, go to a goal, etc. In the long run it saves a lot of travel time.

Question, can you only unload all of those at once? Or can you unload one or two at a time and move to another goal to cap?

We unload one at a time then move to another goal. This cuts down on time to go back to the loading zone and is extremely important when capping in the opponents home row is part of the strategy. With a normal robot, made to hold only one, you would have to go back to the loading zone in between capping but with our design, you get to cap then right away have another tetra within your grasp to go to the next goal you need to cap without taking a detour in between.