pic: Finally done attaching the chain to the wheels.

Cant wait for them to run.

Revolution Swerve Modules in a C-base Frame?

I really want to see this run.

Do you already have software for swerve from previous experience, or is this your first year?


Yep first year, last year we had mecanum wheels, this year we tried something different, and i cant wait too see them run once we have electronics mounted. I think we have code for swerve drive.

What are you going to do for software ?


Is that a plate of lexan that the swerve pod is mounted to? If so, wouldn’t there be a lot of force on that particular plate?

I want to see it run. Why Lexan and not 1/16 or 1/8 sheet metal?

to me it looks like it is a sheet metal because lexan does not look like that, it has a darker color when you look at it from the side and also if you zoom in on the picture you can see that it is deffinetly an aluminum plate

The plate pictured is the Revolution Mounting System.

I’m interested to see this implementation using the c-base as well. So far it looks great.

Glad to see you are doing better than us last year… Friction is never good.

It worked well for Breakaway. Also look into doing Field Centrick Controll

yep we ran it yesterday, and it ran well, but i think we still need to do intensive driving, just to make sure nothing happens, but so far no problems.

Well the coding seems to be in the right hands, our mentor says he wont have a problem, with the coding. Him and few other students are working together and getting coding good to go.

Does your mentor have a CD account? I’d like to ask him (or her) some questions if he(she) would be willing. Thanks.


I can ask him.