pic: Finally Printing

What are you printing?

My guess is a hex bore HTD belt pulley…we’ve made a few ourselves!

Love the green!

It’s a practice hex hub for a roller. We’re testing a few different concepts with it to see how the PLA will hold up.
Since we have zero experience with 3D printing, we’re doing a lot of learning about the capabilities of the materials we’re working with, as well as the machine itself.

Very nice. I would suggest that anything anyone prints for Robotics be put on thingiverse.com so anyone can use it. I have already put up our VersaPlanetary Gearbox Motor Mount that we printed yesterday.

Thingiverse is also a great place to find other things to print, for anyone who doesn’t know. I will warn you, however, that not everything works out or can be used realistically (examples: My Disney Castle print, Someone else’s Mecanum Wheel file from Andymark)

we are doing the same thing. we are printing all spacers and a few sprockets to go on the window motor.