pic: Finally, the Martians Are Up

There everyone we gave into peer presure and put it up. This is the Martian robot for this year.

I spy with my little eye… 12 VICTORS!!!:ahh::eek::ahh::eek:

Guess you’re not using any pneumatics…:smiley:

What are all the Victors for? Other than that, nice and simple- looks good!

render it!

Looks like the arm rotates at the base, am I correct? Which answers my next question of why you don’t have any ramps. They would probably get in the way of it rotating. Looks nice, can’t wait to see you at GLR.

okay here we go…

4small cim DT
1 FP or window for turret
1 BigCim to adujust Height via Archemides Screw
1 FP to extend/retarct arm
1 window to open/close jaw…

thats 8… 4 for ramps???

okay looking closer it looks like 1 window may be used for a Parking brake.
Also a possibility of 2 not 1 window for control over both parts of the claw

Four spares? You can never have too many spares!

well if you add in my last two counts thats 10 total with 2 spares which is what we have as well… 2 seems very usefull even if just for testing…

Doesn’t everyone know how the Martian Drive works. You are missing part of our World Famous drive train, everything else you hit dead on. But, that isn’t only a parking brake.(What does he mean)

Yes, we did not use pneumatics, due to issues with reliability and with weight for compressors and what not robotcanuck.

We do rotate as well, you are correct Jherbie.

Ah yes, the old battery made of chesse:D

(might want to change the color;) )

Nice CAD

Ah, finally!

World famous Martian drive again? It would look so much clearer with a real picture :smiley:

This creation looks somewhat light at the moment… are there some ramps missing perhaps? I would guess that the ramps, (if any), would be side-folded platforms with individual ramps, a la 33 & 47.

I look forward to seeing the real thing at Great Lakes!

Are those bumpers legal? I thought that you could not extend into the corners.

Hopefully that is just a stylized drawing. Only soft bumper parts can extend into the corners, not hard backing. You could have longer bits of noodles and cloth.

So what is this world famous dirve train anyways?

They have a 6 motor drive. 4 cims and 2 fp motors. So thats half the victors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the martian drive hasn’t been upgraded. The “box” around it is sooooo enormous. Maybe even 8 on the drive. either way, it appears that 3 victors at least are for the arm, and 2 for brakes.

My thought:
6 drive motors
2 brakes
1 arm extender
1arm angle changer
1 arm turret
1 arm close

thats 12 folks.

Here’s the totals:

4 small CIM drive motors
2 FP drive motors
1 Globe motor brake/ball caster actuator
1 Keyang for azimuth drive (turret)
1 large CIM for elevator (arm lift)
1 Globe for telescoping arm
1 Keyang for end effector wrist
1 Denso for end effector claw

total 12 Victors

possible late addition - Banebot motor with spike for ramp deployment


That’s a lot of degrees of freedom on that arm. I certainly hope you guys have a good program and OI.

Ours is roughly equivalent (turret, extension, arm, wrist) and its actually not that bad even when completely under human control. (Mind you, ours is running at half speed) The key appears to all in how you think about it. If you think about it as a turreted, double jointed, telescoping arm, then its rather tough to control, but if you think of it as a single jointed arm which can be repositioned relative to the robot vertically and horizontally, and use the wrist for final scoring, it appears to help.

:eek: Just wait till ya get a chance to wire all 12 of those victors!:ahh: