pic: Finals at Philly

Teams 395, 365, 56 versus teams 103, 1153, and 708 in the finals at Philly

Hehe, you can see me and a few others cheering for 56 on the stairs. Awesome matches. You can clearly see how much defense and offense is being played. More offense than usually seen in Philly.

Deja Vu, FLR qual 1-1.

Look closely and you can see Dean…

This was the first match of the finals, I believe.

you can see me too…I think I was freaking out because 103, 1153, and 708 all dumped a massive amount of orbit balls into the trailer of 56. It was scary, they filled the entire trailer.

Wow, 365 must have a great drive train if it took 5 robots to pin them in the corner…