pic: Finals Crowd

Now this is awesome!

you know whats funny i have that same picture (or somewhat close to it) i was sitting about 8 seats over from the kid with poofy hair. i had taken it in my cell phone to show my friends and family. it was a big crowd

I was talking with our human player/vice president about the size of the crowd. See, we were the two award reps from our team, so we had the good seats 10 rows up, in between the award podium, and the Einstein field. We were saying that Einstein may have to be moved back, closer to the center of the dome for next year. By that time, people will be seated behind the curtain of Einstein. :]

Nice picture, clearly the view of Einstein from the far sides isn’t so good.

Maybe next year the crowd will expand to the upper deck? However, Einstein will need to move closer to the center of the floor if the upper deck is opened.

i still think that they should put video on the domes tvs, tere much bigger in my opinion

A perfect addition to the Inspirational Photos thread.

I love the little patches of color across the audience.


:smiley: i think i can see some pink in there

this picture is amazing.

Woah… and the award for most visible team goes to… MOE. (If you look to the left of MOE, you can see 648 in the orange, 291 was next to us also.)

Just imagine…
Maybe within the next 5-10 years or so, we could have the dome filled half way up.(We almost already do.) Then, as FIRST keeps growing, they will have to get rid of the curtain completely, because the crowd will be overwhelmingly large. And they will have to have screens facing each direction, and the Championship will be even more equivalent to, I don’t know, a Superbowl crowd.:stuck_out_tongue: ahhh…AMAZING!!!
I hope I get to see a day like that!!!:D:D:D