pic: Find 24 Differences!

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/36803 is the original.

As an assignment for photo class, I manipulated this image. Find 25 differences between the above and this image, click the image for full resolution. One has been circled already.

I’ll start out with:

  1. The entire photo has been cropped. (BTW, that’s cheating when you make the picture…)
  2. The light over the corner changed color.
  3. The “JCP” on the banner in the lower right was flopped.

I’ll let you guys find some more…

On a VCU banner in the back '05 was changed to 78

Does the banner on the left that says “Team 620” now say 'Team 820"?

I can’t really zoom in to tell. The resolution of the picture you uploaded is different. I can’t zoom in without distortion.

Also cropping the photo makes it a lot harder… :frowning:

The overall colors seem brighter.

(This might be what EricH said) The color with the timer on it changed from blue to red.

Woah, sorry guys! I uploaded a half-finished edition of it and the fully finished edition is on the school’s system.

I will reupload on Monday with the 24 changes, please bear with me. The photo was cropped and resolution was changed, but that was to comply with the assignment regulations.

This picture can be deleted.

Yes, (If I make another it will not be cropped) yes, yes.

Yes again.

Not intentionally. Doesn’t count.

Again, due to the assignment. Any future find the differences will not be changed.


The colorspace was changed to fit class regulations again, so that may have altered the tones.

Yes, that was what Eric meant.

the sign at the top of the picture above the doors on the 2nd level is blue in one picture and red in the other.