pic: Find 25 Differences (Fixed)

Fixed from the original. There are 25 changes, find them all!

I found a bunch.

1 the JCP flip
2 The “Raiders” sign disappears
3 The “OTIS” sign moves
4 the 611 and 2106 pit number signs swap
5 The Big Letter C in the chairs becomes narrower
6 The Big Letter U in the chairs become shorter
7 The clock goes from blue to red
8 the 1610 pit number disappears
9 The guy in the 1598 pit gains a full head of hair
10 The TV screen in the pits goes blank
11 The VCU sign for '78 disappears
12 the VCU sign for '05 gets covered with something
13 the two banners on the end of the balcony disappear
14 the trash can disappears from the balcony
15 A yellow sweatshirt turns blue
16 A red sweatshirt becomes blue
17 The spartan head flips
18 A banner appears by the bleachers
19 Something red appears in 1610’s pit
20 160’s tool outlines disappear
21 the robot gripper is gone (the gimmee)

Thats all I could find so far.

It turns out that I had counted wrong, the OTIS sign was counted as 2 signs and there were only 24 changes total.

You still need to find 2 more and identify the red object

The E.T.N sign just under the word “University” becomes black and white

It may have just been a result of when you added the second sign up by the bleachers (the one with the black strip up top and it looks like it says 2048 on it) but there used to be a small sign on that wall and it seems to have disappeared.

I am going to guess that that red object is one of those 10 sided dice.


That was intentional, and you are correct on the latter!

You win.