pic: Finger Lakes regional 6 stack coopertition

Little background: Both alliances came out of auto with stacked tote sets. For each robot participating in the coop stack (1507 and XXXX?) it was easier to grab the existing stack than to try to lift one tote off of it.

Yeah. I was watching red the whole time, so I didn’t see who contributed for the blue alliance. I think 3003 ran their tote stack autonomous that match, so it may have been them that put it on for blue, but I may be wrong.

The 3 yellow totes from the red side were put up by 1507. They were already stacked from our 3 tote auto, so we just put up all three on top of the existing stack. Our robot is only designed to pick up an entire stack, so it was much easier to put the entire stack there.

We were able to do the same at the West Michigan District. 2054 made a 3 tote stack in auto, as did we. 141 took it from 2054 and dropped on the step. We capped with the 3 we already had made. It’s times like this where I wish points were awarded for more than 4.

Here is the match footage of the match. FLR Qual 80

The two robots that made the stacked tote sets were 1507 and 3003. 4505 put the first 3 down and 1507 put the top 3 down.