pic: Finger Lakes Regional Recognition Buttons

These are the buttons for the Finger Lakes Regional personal recognition buttons that each team will receive at FLR. Each team will get five buttons to use to recognize those individuals deserving of recognition at the regional. Please take the time to recognize someone!

Finger Lakes Regional Attending Teams:

FIRST is all about recognition and inspiration. This absolutely holds true for the FIRST Finger Lakes Regional event. To further encourage each of us to create the world we would love to live in, we present the 2010 “FINGER LAKES REGIONAL RECOGNITION” BUTTON. This button will not be distributed freely, but must be EARNED by an individual.

The way it works…

Each team participating in the Finger Lakes Regional (about 44 teams) will receive a packet containing 5 (five) “FINGER LAKES REGIONAL RECOGNITION” buttons and a Recognition Data Form for each button. Each team should plan to award a button to an individual at the event who should be recognized for outstanding behavior in any of the following areas:

  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Helpfulness
  • Spirit / Enthusiasm
  • Extreme Safety
  • Bringing people together

Individuals could be members of another team, FIRST staff, venue staff, the concierge at your hotel, or the driver of your bus. Assessing individuals to recognize is going to be somewhat subjective. However, the overriding factors are actions “Deserving Special Recognition.”

Not only will recognized individuals receive a limited edition button, but the team awarding the button should also record the name, team number or other affiliation, and reason for the recognition on a Personal Recognition Data Form at the time of the award. Each button you present should have an accompanying form. The forms should be turned in at the Pit Administration Table by noon on Saturday. Please complete this short form! Information about recognized individuals from all forms returned will be posted on the Rolling Thunder (Team 1511) website shortly after the competition.

So put your Gracious Professional game-face on and do what you always do at FIRST competitions, create an environment we all wish we lived in everyday and please take the time to recognize someone who deserves a Finger Lakes Regional Recognition Button!

Go Finger Lakes Teams!

For the Finger Lakes Regional Planning Committee,
Team 1511, Rolling Thunder

The 2010 Finger Lakes Recognition program was developed following the model set by MOE (Miracle Workerz) FRC365. The plans for hosting this program at your own regional event are found on their website: http://moe365.org/pra-howto.php Rolling Thunder has cloned this program to provide recognition to all the great supporters of FIRST at the Finger Lakes Regional and at the Boston Regional in a few weeks. MOE brought this to the Finger Lakes Regional when they competed up here and we wanted to keep that tradition alive! GO MOE!!! :smiley:


The buttons look great!!! Congrats on setting this up at FLR. Sorry MOE 365 won’t be making it this year. I hope many teams take a few minutes to recognize some deserving people at this regional.

What’s the snow forecast? :smiley:

Weather forcast! Cloudy to Sunny, highs of 32-39. It will be a mild one this year, but we have lots of snow on the ground still to remind us that it is still winter in Rochester!

I forgot to say what the scenes were on the buttons. So clockwise from the fireworks:

  • Fireworks over the Rochester Skyline from the Genesee River.
  • NYSTAR IT Building on the RIT Campus - one of the new state of the art buildings on the campus. The newest building on campus is LEED Platinum certified. Wow!
  • Frontier Field - Home of the Triple A Minor League team - The Rochester Red Wings (MN Twins)
  • The newly completed Frederick Douglass - Susan B. Anthony Bridge - the “Freddy-Sue.”
  • High Falls (Upper Falls) of the Genesee River. One of the sources of water power that was essentioal to the growth of Rochester as the “Flour” city many years ago.