pic: Finished 2008 Robot!!!


haha just kidding!!!

Guys, we built a really great bot! This is absolutely amazing.

Funny those bots look just like people. Wait a second…:smiley:

Cool. Our team was thinking about a similar fork-lift kind of claw.

But now you need to take a picture WITHOUT people supporting the arm :smiley:

Dang! You had me there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm…I don’t think a robot that has 2005 inspection stickers will pass this year…

Just kidding…but you’ve given me a bit of an idea… goes off hunting for a piece of paper and a pencil

nice…how many people did that take to build anyways??? lol.

Well with nine people in the background and one person holding the camera… Ten? lol Maybe I should post the a picture of our “robot” for this year.