pic: Finished Robot

This is the final design for our robot. Hidden behind the lexan is the Super Bimba Ultra – its actually PVC tubing protecting the spring, and others from the spring. Also, the robot uses 6 wheel drive, and AM servo-shifters. The windmill is down in this position, and is very good at knocking balls off the overpass, behind the robot. At St. Louis we only threw the ball during competition twice, due to several electrical problems we were experiencing with our backup battery.
This robot is able to throw a trackball about 25’, and very high. Youtube videos will follow of us throwing.


Too bad we only fired twice at St. Louis. One time, we got hit while firing, and shot at the referees. The other time we shot straight at the overpass.

See you at BMR.

If I were on the other alliance I would duck and cover :ahh: That’s the most overpowered catapult I’ve seen :ahh:

Just slightly overpowered… You should have seen what happened when prototyping!