pic: Fire in downtown Atlanta!

Right outside of downtown Atlanta, one of the buildings under construction caught fire on Saturday night. The fire was so intense they had to evacuate all of the buildings and hotels within a block or two of the fire. This picture was taken from the 14th floor of the Hilton from our hotel room.

OK,heres the deal. Team 204 and 3-4 other teams were staying at the MARRIOTT FAIRFIELD INN and the fire was right next to us. It happen around 11:30 PM and lasted until 1:30 AM. The smoke from the building filter through the A.C vents and in the hallways at the hotel and it was bad. Some students on the other teams were getting sick and wanted to leave ( Some students started to vomit). Unfortunately we could not evacuate the hotel because the hotel though it was safe and the fire dept does not make decisions to evacuate, so we had to sleep through it. 8 members and myself chill in the lobby and played card games for a while and went back to our rooms. When we woke up, it was completely fine.

I will have pictures of the fire and other stuff like a " Mentor Prank gone BAD! soon.

I stayed in the Fairfield with my father on Wednesday night, but moved to the omni on Thursday to join the rest of my team. I’m sure that must have been a scary situation, and I’m glad that everybody on the teams at the fairfield are okay now.

Well, while I was downstairs with half the team watching them, the other mentors were watching the rest upstairs and looking out for their health.

I am also lucky that all teams were OK and everyone survive for Sat’s competition.

Was this the GSU dorm fire?



Yes, it was. They were under construction and very (surprisingly!) close to downtown Atlanta.

I heard about this from some of my mentors. I was in the Fairfield as well, but didn’t notice… i rolled in about 2 am every night. Even after waking up only a few hours later I still had more energy throughout the day than anyone on either of my teams. Geez I love FIRST

that fire was awful. I was not in the hotel but members from 768 did get sick from the smoke and had to be moved to another hotel. In the morning some of the students had to stay at the new hotel for a while because they still felt sick. Things like this really put a damper on the fun of the championship.

I could smell the fire from our balcony but had no idea where it was.

Lots of the people in our hotel (the Westin) were all talking in a room and we all stopped and watched the firetruck go to the marriott. Than we kept playing cards… So we all knew there was a fire, but we didnt know what happened.

I saw the somke from the window of my room while my friends went to the roof to see it…lol

We, Team 1807, we directly across the street from the fire. We were not evacuated and no one got sick. All we did was watch it go out at like 2:00 AM, or something like that. We woke up some of our team so that they could see it. Luckily, we did not have to get evacuated like some hotels did.

Does anyone know what started it?

It was a bunch of wood that caught on fire.

I was staying at the Westin and a few of my team members and I were hanging in a room watching t.v. an saw the firetrucks fly by with heavy amounts of smoke. We knew there was a fire, but wasnt sure where. It was definently scary! Hope everyone is well now.