pic: FIRST Alumni Bowling Challenge!

CAN YOUR ALUMNI BEAT OURS!!! See Discussion for more info.

I smell what The Rock’s cookin’…


10 Pin or Candle Pin?

Do you like to bowl? Are there 4 alumni on your team who think they can beat the 121 bowling team? Are you going to be at the BAE Systems Regional?
If yes strut your stuff at the first annual FIRST Alumni Bowling Challenge!

Rules are simple:
Get 4 Alumni.
Wear your team shirts.
Meet at a soon-to-be determined bowling alley friday night.
First game is practice.
From there on it all counts.
Depending on how many teams are interested we may need to set up a bracket.

If anyone or team is intersted please “sign up” (reply) by wednesday March 3.

(A potential “bet” would be losing team has to wear the winners team t-shirts on saturday.)

I want to see the following people form a team:
JohnV: Grab Chris, Joel, and one more you got a team.
AndyGrady: If you can’t form a team I want you announcing.
Kristen Kelso: Maybe get your dad to roll a few.

I want this to get big people PLEASE REPLY!!!

So Jonny boy you up to the challenge! We’ll take any four man team on in Manchester. Friday night on the 6th… loser has the wear the winning teams First shirts the next day. Any takers


Haha… maybe.

We’re all gonna be pretty busy this weekend, but I’ll see if we can send a few out to roll some with you guys.

Depends when you’re holding this thang…
You boys know how to reach me.


PS - So how many of you “honorary 229ers” wanna be part of the “229 ‘all ringer’ bowling brigade” ? :wink:

I would be cautious. Note the triple in the third row.


And the fourth row too.

Drat! Makes we want to go to BAE even more now…

…but I’ve got other plans :wink:

John, If you wanna make me a Honarary 229’er I would be glad to join your team and take on 121.


Well, unfortunately Friday night is no good for me due to the fact that I have class. Though, I may be able to make a cameo appearence before returning to the hotel. May I recommend Stadium Ten Pin…great place to play.

Have fun!
-Andy Grady

I know there are some teams with alumni that would do this! If you are going to BAE mention this to your alumni!

Andy-you gotta stop by and check it out. We need play by play for the finals:)!

$@#$@#$@#$@# I wish I could go

Im not good at bowling but my good days are around team comps thats when i get high high scores :wink: come to nyc for a day and join me in a game on staten islands RABS COUNTRY LANES where we also use High tech equipment such as whats shown is the bove picture lol .

Come on alumni…Sick of sweating and stressing over robots?.. Then kick back and roll some bowling balls with us Rick Rob Tom And Dave. First Alumni Bowling chalenge. Friday night at BAE reginal…I know I’ll need a good stress reliever…why not kill some pins!!..Let us know guys and good luck with all the comps this week.


I’d love to see the 121 guys wearing 229 shirts on saturday…i think it’d be hilarious…course it won’t matter i mean we’ll be on the same alliance anyway…I’m in…let me know when where…we can find four 229ers

Chris C.

Hey chris i have no problem losing to you guys (not gonna happen) but if we do actually lose i got my 229 shirt all set away just in case… And 121 shirts for you guys to keep just for playing anyway…But bet still stands.


Ok I’ll tell you what! IF someone can pick me up from NYC (take me home to Gas money will be paid tolls also hehe ) and take me to the BAE Regional I’ll be more then glad to play!

Ok so its 121 vs 229. We will discuss in greater detail on thursday and friday what exactly will happen. We will probably bowl at Stadium ten pin which is in manchester. If your not bowling in the big match-up come to support your favorite team. We want to take over this alley with FIRSTers.

Start Practicing 229 your gonna need it!

I have a question for the Rhode Warrior guys…

I was looking at the screen in the backround that has the score for the game. Who bowled the turkey? Who is the ringer? :wink:

P.S. What are my chances of procuring a 121 shirt this season?

-Andy Grady

You mean who are the two people with turkeys on the scoreboard ;). I guess we will just have to wait and see :smiley: .