pic: FIRST Alumni Bowling Challenge!

Sweatshirts are $20
Baseball Tees are $11
T-shirts must be won in a bowling match from a 121 team member.

Well… I’m not bowling, and Dave still owes me one.

XL this time Daver… not “small and petite” :wink:


why no bowling jon. I hope us big bad 121 alumni didnt scare you off :wink:

Ok No takers for the BAE Regional. ok I see how it goes. no problem. :wink: I’ll just have to wait till next year thats all lol


Might as well start my own FIRST bowling club and after this post I probably won’t get any comments. The Inaugural NYC FIRST Bowlathon! Members who are in the NYC Area for the Reionals from March 25 - March 27 may compete. Alumni Welcome. No Bets to be made. No wearing the winning teams Team shirts. Just pure fun. Bowling alleys are not yet selected but one in mind is “RABS COUNTRY LANES” located at 1100 Hylan Blvd. Staten Island NY. Directions will be given out to those who participate (chances are I will pick you up and drop you off by means of Mass Transit if you don’t have a ride just make sure the hote you stay at has a subways station nearby so i know where to go :smiley: Just b/c I am a NYC Resident doesn’t mean I know where I’m going all the time :wink: )

ok folks with less than 2 weeks before UTC. 121 wants a new set of challengers. 229 went down hard after a 490ish to 430ish loss. I heard 126 wants a pice of the action. The bet still stands. The losing team must wear the winning teams shirts on saturday. We already had the clarkson pit crew in shirts. Who’s next?

(just kidding guys, it was alot of fun!)