pic: FIRST Apparel & Marketing


Look what I found in my Sunday newspaper. (Just kidding)
Hurray for marketing.
BTW- anyone see their photo?

haha !! Its randy and abby the 267 demo squad girls, that pic has got to be 2 or 3 years old now!

( sorry random )

But is this for real?

Yeah, it’s real… hand carried from FIRST Manchester. :slight_smile:
(BTW- I framed it!)

Above “Recognitions & Awards” is a picture of 125’s drive team from 2 years ago.

I’ve been inside Logo Loc in Manchester before to shop for a FIRST shirt & do some additional business with them… they have a very extensive selection and the guys who run the place are really cool. Some advice though, if you are ordering something and need it right away… stay on them about it.

Um yes the two girls under contacts our from 267. Me and dan each dated one :wink:

lol man that was a long time ago ryan… shhh