pic: FIRST Blanket

This is a blanket my girlfriend surprized me with as a gift awhile back, Its so warm and cozy not to mention hand made with… The First logo

dude, thats awesome :ahh: . where can i get one? :yikes:

Have to be the best present you can get from your gf. =)

… is she a FIRSTer too?

but of course : ) really quite lovely when you can work together on the robot with your girlfriend and all your buds… Its such a nice blanket too, duel layer and soft… hehe she is amazing :smiley:

One of our mentors hand knitted a blanket thats actually really big with our Team’s name, in our colors, with what the acronym stands for. It’s really amazing.

oh and your girlfriend is a keeper :stuck_out_tongue:

Our team banner is made out of a blanket. And it’s crazy soft & warm. We all keep joking that our mentor probably sleeps with it at home. But, dude, that is ONE AWESOME PRESENT!