pic: FIRST Car flag


Custom made FIRST car flag

I would like to have one. That is cool!

Sweet where do you find those?!

Ahhhh! That is so awesome!!! Where on earth can I get one?? My car would be so awesome with a FIRST flag on it :smiley:

would make a nice bicycle visability flag!

Parade floats.

i had it custom made at this flag store up here in Toronto. It goes nice with my FIRST magnetic sign that i can stick on my door

Too bad the logo is a registered trademark

that would be a great fundraiser for a FIRST team to produce and sell.

You could always make flags with your team logo on it and sell them as a fundraiser…

yeah, but why would I want to buy a flag with your teams logo

I would want one with my teams logo

the thing with the FIRST flag is, we are all FIRST

you would have to come up with a universal robotics symbol/design that would appeal to all teams, without infringing on the FIRST trademarks

something like, I dont know, the yellow ROBOT CROSSING sign…


To show support for a fellow FIRST team. :yikes:

Also… I kind of meant it to be like selling the flags to people in your area (not necessarily FIRST teams…like selling team shirts)

Can you give the name of the flag making company in toronto?


The Flags are awsome. Great job with the idea!

I want one!

Very cool !!
It reminds me of that thread with the FIRST logo window cling…
But this seems much more economical XD

well the idea of the flag is now with FIRST marketing department :slight_smile: