pic: FIRST Connecticut Snowboarding/Skiing Experience

Here are those who participated in the FIRST Connecticut Snowboarding/Skiing Experience at Mt. Southington today (1-1-05).
Pictured L-R, Kevin (K.Shaw), Ted (Ted Boucher), me (Jay H 237), Shelby (ShelbyLeigh237), Liz (not registered on CD), Elgin (Elgin Clock), and Scott (ScottShaw237).

It was a good day with temps around 50 degrees and not many people on the slopes.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. one question… How many times did Elgin fall? :slight_smile:

No I think the better question is who fell how many times and who beat who?
And who pulled the funniest stunts when attempting to ski?

hey guys, sorry i couldnt make it. Seems that 24 hour lan parties do, in fact, put you to sleep the next day. lol.

Hope you had lots of fun and hope to see you at the next one.

By the way, I need all the pictures and videos of Elgin falling. Dont ask what for :cool: :cool:

Humanly impossible to count that high! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at his jeans you can tell how soaked he is.
Skiing and denim don’t mix, even Dean would agree with me on that. :wink:

Dori, I was the only one on skis. There was that incident where I flew past Scott then couldn’t make the turn and went off the trail into the woods. It was on a narrower and steeper area of the trail. I also found out in contrary to what you see on James Bond you can’t ski through dirt and brush! :ahh:

I personally fell probably about 20 times trying to either turn, or just stand on the board, and another 30 going down hills.

There is a great video of me falling, but I’m not lettin’ you see it Tom… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the double post, but it wouldn’t allow me to quote 3 different people. Kept getting an error message about having too many code tags.

I slept late and missed the carpool, but I did make it there, an hour late. :wink: I also got yelled at by Liz for that.

Sorry, all video of Elgin falling is property of Team 237. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I assure you, it was worse than Vinnies fall into the pole on stage at UTC this year!

so you fell about 50 times. (wow). if you fall 50 times during snowboarding, how many times would you fall during surfing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will say that Elgin did very well for his first time snowboarding. Videos will soon be on our website and links will be posted to them shortly afterwords.

i have a question is this picture before or after the snowboarding(in mean the wipe outs)?

It was in the middle of it all. We just had lunch and we decided that it was a good time to take a picture.

Here is some more info and some videos of the day.

I must say, that I am torn right now… It was possibly the best, and worst 70 bucks that I have ever spent.

I had a ton of fun, but now… 6 days aftre the event, am still in pain from all of my falls (one of which can be seen in my video).
I am slowly getting better, but still… Ouch… :frowning:

I may go to the next F.C.S.E. event as a spectatator only.
(And photographer - videographer).