Flag Captured! Gained the Lead.

Alright, so we have a 190 banner in front of 126’s longtime sponsor.

There must be more of a backstory to this.

I can only assume this has something to do with the longtime “rivalry” between 126 and 190. Waaaaaay back in 1992, the WPI team lost the very first National Championship to the Nypro. 126 has now gotten their hands on the WPI banner. Game on!

This is going to get ugly…:smiley:

Or 190 left the banner at RiverRage and Tim decided to “help bring it back”. :slight_smile:

Lesson Learned: Don’t leave your stuff at events!

Seriously, I’m a very helpful person… and/or I’m holding it hostage until Ken gives me the pictures he owes me from the Robotics Symposium last week! :wink:

This sounds like a neat concept.

I understand this is besides the point of this topic but its pretty cool.

[CD]:Capture the Flag

Every team should have a flag, of similar measurements in a publicish location at one or many of their sponsors’ locations [including schools] and it could be kind of neat to see how many flags get claimed on CD! It could even be some sort of competition with a prize from someone cough me cough to see who can get the most flags from a few different catagories: Most Flags Collected and Most Diverse Collection of Flags [from multiple states/provences/countries], and may be a few others. :smiley:

…Maybe if enough people are interested we can think a bit more on the idea…

or just get one flag, and give it to a team, tell them to “hide” (bot not really hide) the flag at the next event they go to, the team that finds it then “hides” it at the compitition THEY go to, then we see how far it travels :stuck_out_tongue:

There is, and it’s quite epic. As in “since the 1992 Maize Craze finals” epic. :stuck_out_tongue:

This will get ugly quick the rivalries around here.:yikes:

Kind of reminds me of the actually Gompie tradition from WPI of having a picture in a different place show up every year to prove its still around.
Where will the next picture be?

I’m thinking a bridge across the Naraganset Bay perhaps…

It’s true, but it’s all in good fun. It is a little ironic though when you consider how many 126 high schoolers have gone on to become 190 college mentors (myself included).

I guess I missed the opportunity to participate in FIRST CTF & yoink some 126 items from your place Saturday when we crashed there… lol
Oh wells…

Good game!!!

Can’t wait to see what happens in the next round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to never leave you alone unattended in my condo again! :wink:

DOH!!! There goes that plan out the window then I guess. lol :rolleyes: