pic: FIRST Design Book - Sample

Enclosed is a sample page from the FIRST Robots book. It is presented to show teams what type of images are most competitive for the 2007 edition.

does anyone know how much the book is going to cost? nad if you can order it online or just thru the championship?

The list price of the book is $39.99. You can find the book for sale at the Championship, or online if you type in the book’s title, “FIRST Robots: Behind the Design”, in a search engine such as Google. Multiple sites, such as Amazon.com, have the book listed for sale.

O wow i thought FIRST would have tried to amke more money off of the book.:smiley:

Personally, I am just excited that Vince and I have the opportunity to document the vision of FIRST along with the amazing designs that teams are able to come up with!

I cant wait to read it. Seems like great insight into the wonderful world of FIRST.:smiley:

how have presales been on the book i wonder???

Anyone have any idea how much the book will cost in ATL? I’m wondering if they’re going to “jack up” the price or leave it the same. (It always happens at all “sporting” events.) Either way, I’m going to buy mine in ATL.

At the Championship, on Thursday, April 12th, we will be giving a talk about the “Get Published” project as a part of the FIRST workshops. This workshop could be utilized as an opportunity for teams to congregate and meet eachother. More details will be provided as the Championship nears.