pic: FIRST in a box!

Two robots, two complete pits and practice field loaded for Queen City

See ya this afternoon!!!

So this is the practice field for Queen City? Will there be an official bridge?

I believe an official bridge for the practice field comes with the competition field.

We will be using the the official bridge, barrier, and hoop set that comes from FIRST. The practice field in the above picture includes all the sidewalls, driver stations, carpet, and a barrier. We will also have an additional bridge made of plywood that has been properly weighted to simulate the official bridge. We will have a third bridge on Friday.

Edit: We also have an additional hoop set coming as well.

We (1024,829) are some mighty fine packer. :rolleyes:

Go Packers!

(Sorry, it had to be said)

Good luck Goats, we’ll be watching.